December 9, 2022

House January 6 panel grants Trump’s request for extension to subpoena | Donald Trump

Donald Trump has responded to the House January 6 select committee’s subpoena deadline for documents with a letter that sought more time to produce responsive records and cooperate with the investigation into the Capitol attack, according to a source familiar with the matter and a statement from the panel.

The details of the former president’s requests were not immediately clear. But the select committee, appearing to grant Trump an extension, informed Trump’s lawyers that he must produce documents next week and that the summons for his appearance under oath remains in place.

“We have received correspondence from the former president and his counsel in connection with the select committee’s subpoena. We have informed the former president’s counsel that he must begin producing records no later than next week and remains under subpoena for deposition testimony,” the select committee said.

More details soon …

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